Learning Journeys

Learning journeys are specially designed study tours to explore ideas for business, regional and social development. They are built around one or more issues and combine visits to interesting places, companies and organisations  with group discussions about the experience.

What are the benefits of learning journeys?

  • Increasing the knowledge and widening the horizons of the participants (How is this relevant to our industry? How are similar problems solved in other industries? Current trends and know-how)
  • Providing inspiration and motivation. A fresh look at things encourages you to try something new in your organisation.
  • Creating a coalition for innovation. Travellers on this journey form a like-minded group and tend to support each other even after returning to their place of work
  • Revising established views. New experience enables us to cast a critical glance at our own limited perspectives and convictions
  • Developing effective coordination skills (intercultural relationships, networking, questioning, teamwork)
  • Creating a culture of exploration and openness to new ideas.

As the organiser of the learning journey, I will prepare an itinerary in close collaboration with the company management and the host organisation. During the study tour, I will conduct regular team sessions, first to prepare for the visits and then to discuss the findings and other interesting facts. After our return, I will conduct a special session to discuss the results of the journey and plan activities related to applying the new experience to the organization.

Learning JourneysLearning Journeys