In some cases the organisation of conferences and meetings is best left to a professional facilitator. Typically, such events are associated with the need to:

  • make strategic decisions
  • plan organisational changes
  • balance the different interest of various stakeholders
  • resolve conflicts or their consequences
  • find unconventional creative solutions
  • improve the atmosphere in the group.

A facilitator is a professional organiser who creates the conditions that enable the group to discuss the challenges facing it and make qualified decisions. The facilitator helps to develop a conference plan, proposes appropriate teamwork tools and ensures optimum interaction during the meeting. This allows participants to focus on the actual content of the discussions.

I have more than 15 years experience of professional facilitation. I work with groups from two to over one hundred people, helping management teams make the best possible use of their creative and intellectual potential to find effective solutions. Clients frequently ask me to conduct:

  • strategic planning sessions and retreats
  • corporate culture sessions (to develop vision, mission and values and translate corporate values into specific rules of conduct)
  • search conferences (to discuss challenges facing the group and develop action plans to overcome them)
  • focus groups
  • scientific discussion boards
  • creative meetings.

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