is one of the most effective leadership development tools because it is associated with activating the greatest human ability – the ability to think. As a coach, I provide professional support for reflection by using trigger questions to help my clients understand the challenges facing them, identify opportunities for moving forward and implement them.

I offer the following types of coaching:

  • Feedback coaching helps clients understand their particular way of thinking, behaviour, value system and motivation and shows them how their strengths and weaknesses are perceived by those around them. For this, I use personality self‑assessment tools (MBTI, FIERO-B, CSI, ISI, WorkPlace, Big 5, etc.) and 360‑degree feedback questionnaires. Through a joint analysis of the results clients are given the proper means to formulate their specific development aims.
  • Executive coaching provides long-term or one-time support for executives working on specific tasks or challenges, from the preparation of important meetings or negotiations to the development of particular skills.
  • Group coaching involves the organisation of mutual coaching support within a management team, where each member raises their specific challenges and receives help from the group.
  • Team coaching supports teams that are working together on a shared problem. The coach encourages participants to increase their self-awareness and helps them analyse and learn from their experience.