Welcome to lead2innovate.ru !

As the name suggests, this site is dedicated to innovation leadership, my area of expertise. I have been working in management consulting and management training since 1997. For the last five years, my focus has been on leadership development and the creation of innovative corporate environments. I define my role as follows:

I organise joint activities to explore and exploit new business opportunities.

In other words, I help my clients to:

  • examine and apply valuable experience gained within the company and beyond
  • carry out field research to better understand their customers, partners and employees
  • develop optimal solutions to create new or improve existing products, services, processes or business models
  • conduct experiments to determine how newly developed products, services, processes or business models perform in practice
  • plan and manage organisation development projects.

Depending on the actual requirements of the company, I will act as:

  • trainer and consultant to assist with the acquisition and application of new knowledge within the organisation
  • coach to help employees recognise and realise their full potential
  • facilitator to support  teams to become more effective at making and implementing decisions.

My vision

The world is full of opportunities, some are hidden, some are unevenly distributed and some are right under your feet waiting to be discovered.

All organisations and the people working in them are capable of more. Before you can take full advantage of new opportunities you will first have to learn how to find, choose and apply them.


Companies must learn to develop new leaders – those able to organise the search for new opportunities. Companies must create the culture of true dialogue in order to gain deep insights about their customers and to tap the potential of their employees. Companies must learn to cultivate innovative climate and processes to ensure that hey are “ahead of the game”.

My mission

My aim is to make businesses and people more successful by helping them to discover new opportunities and hidden reserves and by helping them to develop and exploit their unique competitive advantages.